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viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

Taking care of the usability

Usability is now one of the main elements while developing any kind of software, usability is the feature that allows us to easily use any tool that we need. Talking about document management, usability is a concept closely linked to productivity, if we have a simple and powerful platform, the users of this platform can increase their performance by avoiding complex tasks that need a lot of time to be done and require a previous learning to it's usage.

We usually think that complex platforms that can do a high level of operations and usability, are the best in the market, this has not to be true, an example that this has not to be true is that tools with an easy user interface like 4iKIM can be as powerful as the platforms we mentioned before.

4iKIM is a Web based software with great usability and really intuitive that can be used by big corporations, where 4iKIM can be used to manage big amounts of data and generate knowledge with it, and it can be used by small business that can use it as a powerful management tool that can be used also in mobility, this makes the small business more flexible, this is really important for them.

As an example of what we are talking about, we want to let you know how easy is the usage of 4iKIM, in the next video you can see the steps to follow to send a document to other user in an easy way. We simply create the document, next we link it to the user we want to send it and it's done, the receiver will receive the document in his unified inbox.

Cuidando la usabilidad

La usabilidad se ha convertido en uno de los elementos indispensables a la hora de desarrollar cualquier tipo de software, con ello queremos hacer referencia a la facilidad con la que cualquier usuario puede utilizar una herramienta. En lo que a software de gestión documental se refiere, la usabilidad es un concepto muy ligado a la productividad, si disponemos de una plataforma sencilla y potente, los usuarios de la misma pueden aumentar su rendimiento ya que se evita realizar complejas tareas que implican mucho tiempo en su ejecución o requieren un aprendizaje previo para su uso. 

Es común pensar que las plataformas más complejas en cuanto a nivel de operaciones y usabilidad, se configuren como las mejores herramientas del mercado, y esto no tiene porque ser así, claro ejemplo de que herramientas con un interfaz de usuario sencillo pueden ser igual de potentes es 4iKIM

4iKIM es un software Web con gran usabilidad e intuitivo que puede ser explotado en organizaciones muy grandes, donde aporta un valor diferenciador significativo al ser capaz de gestionar grandes volúmenes de información y procesarla para generar conocimiento, así como en empresas pequeñas, donde dota a este tipo de entidades con una potente herramienta de gestión, que incluso puede ser utilizada en movilidad, otorgando la flexibilidad que estas empresas habitualmente demandan. 

Como ejemplo de lo sencillo que resulta el uso de 4iKIM, a continuación se muestra un video que recoge los pasos para enviar un documento a otro usuario de una forma realmente fácil, simplemente crearemos el documento, después asociamos el usuario al que se lo queramos enviar y listo, el destinatario dispondrá del documento en su bandeja unificada.

martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

Increasing productivity being more organized

One of the main reasons why productivity begins to decrease in the employees of any company is due to the lack of organization, this can happen for several reasons, sometimes we don't have the adequate tools, this tools can be obsolete or they can be really complex, sometimes they generate duplicated documents that are increasing the volume of information that we are going to work with and they can also generate an important lack of time because we must organize by hand this archives...

We must keep in mind that is really important to have a really well organized agenda, without it we can't be effective and highly productive. The tasks that we commonly do can have different nature, e-mail messages, client calls, documents that need to be sent and inspected by others, tasks assignments, get out our office to go to a meeting with a client, events, conferences... This kind of tasks are putting together dates, places, people and documentation, this are different elements that must be related if we want to do our tasks successfully.

The big amount of different tasks that an organization has to deal with day by day requires a great information management tool, first of all, it has to organize by date all the events, tasks and activities, and it must be able to establish relations between all the elements that are part of the company.

The problem that usually happens with the traditional information management tools, is that we need more than one of this tools to organize different types of activities. With 4iKIM you can optimize the costs of using multiple tools and the time used on working with all of them, from one unique web platform, you will be able to organize your calendar, create all the elements you need to organize your day, establish communications and receive them, geocode elements and promote information feedback establishing relations between all the elements.

In the next video you can see how you can easily create a task, establish a date, time and send it to the employee responsible of its execution. It's really simply to assign different elements to a task in 4iKIM.

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Aumentar la productividad siendo más organizado

Uno de los principales motivos por los que comienza a disminuir la productividad en los empleados de cualquier empresa es como consecuencia de la falta de organización, y ello puede deberse a diversos motivos, en ocasiones no se cuentan con las herramientas adecuadas, ya sea por obsolescencia o complejidad de las mismas, duplicidad de documentos que fomentan elevados volúmenes de información innecesarios, pérdida de tiempo en organizar manualmente diferentes archivos… 

Tenemos que tener claro que si no disponemos de una agenda bien organizada, difícilmente podremos resultar eficaces y altamente productivos. Las tareas que habitualmente realizamos pueden ser de diferente naturaleza, envío de correos electrónicos, llamadas a clientes, confección de documentos que deben ser enviados y revisados por terceros, asignación de determinadas tareas a otros usuarios, desplazamientos desde nuestro puesto de trabajo para asistir a reuniones, eventos, conferencias…Este tipo de tareas ponen en relación fechas, lugares, personas y documentación, es decir, diferentes elementos que deben ser coordinados entre sí para que se lleven a cabo satisfactoriamente. 

La gran cantidad de tareas diferentes que deben gestionarse en el día a día de una organización nos da una muestra del tipo de gestor de información que requiere una empresa, por un lado debe organizar cronológicamente acontecimientos, tareas y actividades y por otro lado, establecer relaciones entre todos los elementos que configuran una empresa. 

La problemática que surge con los gestores tradicionales es que deben emplearse más de uno para organizar diferentes tipos de operaciones. Gracias a 4iKIM se optimiza los costes que derivan del empleo de varias herramientas y el tiempo que supone trabajar con todas ellas, ya que desde una única plataforma web, podremos organizar nuestro calendario, crear todos los elementos que necesitemos para organizar nuestro día a día, establecer comunicaciones y recibirlas, geolocalizar elementos y fomentar la retroalimentación de información al establecer relaciones entre todos los elementos. 

Gracias al siguiente vídeo, se puede comprobar cómo crear una tarea, fijar una fecha y un horario y cómo enviarla al responsable de su ejecución. Así de sencillo resulta asignar diferentes elementos a una tarea en 4iKIM.

viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

Optimizing the management and organization of the activities of the company

One of the biggest problems for a lot of companies is to make available for all their employees certain information in a fast way without losing a big amount of time doing this task. Set up a meeting, establish a date or talk about the meeting's theme, usually become a large amount of conversations through e-mail that are a waste of time.

We have to keep in mind that this kind of practices in organizations make our employee's productivity decrease,  their time is consumed by tasks that should not be so important for them, we have to find de adequate solutions, this solutions should allow us to get away from heavy routines and help to optimize time, this should make our employees more productive and due to this our company can be more profitable.

With 4iKIM we can manage the set up of meetings or activities in a collaborative and easy way, managing all the information that integrates this meeting and sharing it with all the members of the company that should know the generated information.

As an example of what 4iKIM is able to do to improve collaboration and productivity of our workers, we can appreciate how a meeting can be organized in just 40 seconds. Just simply fill the key fields like day, duration, subject, place and after that send it to all the participants. All the people who is going to the meeting will receive the information in his inbox, and the meeting will appear automatically in their personal agenda. Any new element that has relevant importance for the meeting like documents, chat conversations of issues that are going to be discussed, or any kind of information, can be related with the meeting, doing this, any participant will have access to the new information.

Optimizando la gestión y organización de las actividades de la empresa

Uno de los grandes problemas a los que se enfrentan las empresas es hacer llegar a todos los trabajadores determinada información de forma rápida y sin perder un tiempo muy valioso como el que ocupa esta labor. Convocar una reunión y proponer una fecha, un lugar o debatir acerca de la temática, se convierten en interminables conversaciones vía e-mail que acaban por distraer la atención y suponen una pérdida de tiempo.

Cabe destacar que este tipo de prácticas en las empresas u organizaciones disminuyen la productividad de los empleados que ven cómo su tiempo se consume en tareas que no deberían requerir tanta atención, por ello hay que encontrar las soluciones adecuadas que nos permitan alejarnos de actividades rutinarias, y fomentar la optimización del tiempo que genere que los trabajadores sean productivos y ello se traduzca en beneficios para la empresa.

4iKIM permite gestionar la convocación de reuniones o actividades de una manera sencilla y colaborativa, gestionando la información que lo integra y compartiéndolo con todos los miembros de la empresa que deban tener conocimiento sobre la información generada.

Como muestra de lo que 4iKIM es capaz de hacer para mejorar la colaboración y la productividad de los trabajadores, podemos apreciar cómo se puede organizar una reunión en tan solo 40 segundos. Basta con completar los campos claves de la reunión como el día, la duración, el motivo, el lugar, y a continuación enviarla a los participantes. De esta manera, los asistentes reciben toda la información en su bandeja de entrada, así mismo, la reunión aparecerá automáticamente en sus agendas personales. Cualquier nuevo elemento que tenga carácter relevante para la reunión como documentación, conversaciones de chat sobre temas que serán tratados, o cualquier otro tipo de elemento, podrá ser relacionado con la misma, de forma que todos los participantes tendrán acceso a nueva información que sea de interés.

martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Working in a collaborative way

Document management process is one of the tasks that takes longer to the employees of any company, is for this reason that is essential to try to optimize this kind of process to give more time to our employees to do other important tasks for our company and become more efficient.

The processes of document interchange and creation can be slow down inside the companies due to various reasons, a few of them are:

- Multiple work environments that are incompatible between them.
- Computer programs that generate files and can not be edited in other computer programs due to unsupported   format.
- Generation of multiple copies of a same document,  developing user confusion.
- Difficulties to share and collaborate with documents.

Is important to keep in mind that this kind of problems slow down the workflow of the company avoiding them to enrich their data by generating documents that can not be connected between them, neither be associated to different elements or events that occur in the company.

4iKIM offers a solution to all these problems, offering a unique work environment. Through it every kind of files can be managed and connected between them in an easy way.

Files that integrates 4iKIM can be created directly through the tool or be received in the unified inbox, from outside 4iKIM users, and we can also manage documents of any type. We can put in common, in an easy and intuitive way these documents to different people, conversations, meetings or places, so we can generate a total connection between the document and the situations or events that are associated to it and allow an immediate collaboration.

This new reality provides companies a more agile and easier workflow that will enhance the knowledge base of the company, because its documentary network has all its elements connected, at the same time our employees will be able to collaborate in an easier, comfortable and effective way.

In the next video, you can check how relationships and collaborations are promoted through 4iKIM. When an employee receives a document through his e-mail, that message can be managed, and relationships can be created with other members of the organization and with other elements. In this case, the file received is linked to the Eclipse Project and from that moment on it will be also attached to a collaboration environment with other elements and users that are linked to it, they will be able to do this thanks to their previous contributions. A user that access the Eclipse Project, will be able to manage different elements that are linked to this project like e-mails, chat conversations, documentation of the project...