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jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

Email needs to be rethinked, discussion in ZDNet

In this interesting article in ZDNet Sam Diaz talks about the need to change the way we deal with emails. It is a fact that email is a really powerfull, widely used tool. But it is also inefficient and has many important limitations. However, it has not be changed because there is no tool substantially better and cheap to deploy capable to replace it.

There have been several notable efforts in that line like Google Wave. But as Sam states: “It doesn’t integrate with email“. We need a tool that manage emails, as they can not be removed, but also give them additional functionality, organization and context. Emails should be linked with other elements of business, shared not forwarded, creating knowledge. They should not be isolated in specific applications, used as Document Management Systems or used as real-time conversation systems.

4iKIM presents a different approach to email, treating it as an additional element at the same level as the rest, allowing it to integrate with the business naturally. Is this the answer? maybe …

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