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jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

The new “Conversation” element makes 4iKIM’s chat persistent

4iKIM’s chat service has been updated with the new “Conversation” element. With this new feature, instant  messaging conversations conducted between 4iKIM users can be stored within the system automatically.
This storage is done via the new “Conversation” item.  As an item within 4iKIM’s framework, any of its functionality can be applied: share conversation with other users of the system, relate it with other elements, publish it, add relevant info to projects, events etc…

Thus, any conversation conducted through 4iKIM’s chat can enrich, nurture and create new knowledge within the system.

Likewise, due to the nature of instant messaging conversations, 4iKIM implements a detailed system of privilege and access control whereby each user can always modify or delete the comments made during a chat session, making it safe to use.

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