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lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

4iKIM implements new calendar view

Time management is one of the most critical and important facet of knowledge management. Any good time management system must have three characteristics: it must be ubiquitous, shared and easily modifiable.

With its built in time management system, 4iKIM delivers the first two parts of this statement; it can be accessed from any place and shared with other people, both internal and external. Besides this, time elements are handled as any other element, with all its associated features.

However 4iKIM lacked a visual and dynamic time management representation, in which events could be modified and redefined visually. With the new calendar implementation, a 4iKIM user can manage his time in a simpler way. Any modification of schedule can be performed directly on the calendar by manipulating the form and position of the events, just changing places and sizes. Simple and effective.

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