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viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Google embraces 4iKIM's "Context" and "Graph Knowledge" concepts.

Google has announced the introduction of "Knowledge Graph" in its search engine. The concept is very simple, and its use has been 4iKIM's key from the beginning.

Every information item has relations, what we call "Context" in 4iKIM. For instance, a meeting context includes its schedule, location, people invited, documents, email communications etc...

This relations, perceived in our minds in a very natural way, are really difficult to implement in traditional information management systems. These systems manage different types of informations in different unconnected applications. 4iKIM allows you to relate any type of information with each other, creating a knowledge graph around them: this is the "context" of the element.

Google's aproach is about using all the search information they got to create contexts around searches. For instance, "Renaissance" is related with a wide variety of authors, a specific period in time, relevant locations... its context, as we say in 4iKIM. Once the context is created, a "Renaissance" search will show many other relevant information around the term.

This interesting approach of context and knowledge graph over search is already being used in an integrated way in 4iKIM.

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