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lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

The challenge of increasing productivity

increasing productivity
One of the biggest challenges that companies are facing now a days, especially in this times of economical crisis, is the challenge of increasing productivity. A few companies have successfully adapted to the new technological reality that companies have to deal with, but others are trying to know how to do it and this new reality represents more workload for them and the productivity of it's employees has gone down.

Employees of  companies have a wide range of needs, companies often have different departments with needs and functions very different from others, this departments have different technological platforms to meet their needs. This is a big challenge for a company IT department, they have to adapt different management systems and productivity systems to different platforms, this is an important workload for this departments, they usually get saturated.

It's not enough to offer to our employees the perfect platform for their needs, we have to know that they must be interconnected to be highly productive. We must give to our employees enterprise management systems that allow them to be interconnected and well informed, if we have a good enterprise management system our employees will increase their productivity, this is essential if we want to have a company successfully adapted to the new multiplatform technological reality, our company will grow  as the efficiency in production of our employees.

Tools like 4iKIM can solve this problem and allow our employees to exploit the full potential of their platform, 4iKIM thanks to it's ubiquity gets adapted to any platform our employees use, the integration is simple and you will be allowed to use 4iKIM between different platforms if you need it. Ubiquity is total and if we add the features that 4iKIM provides as a management optimizer, the potential increase of the productivity of our company is really interesting.

4iKIM has been designed with an easy to manage and user-friendly interface, our employees can learn really quickly to use it and they will be able to use it easily in any of their mobile devices or web browsers.

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