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viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

How to deal with the technological change?

The technological revolution has entirely changed how companies make their everyday work. A lot of the work that is realized today by companies is based on digital communications and collaboration platforms that are completely digitalized. If we want to have a competitive organization, we need to give our employees the better tools as we can.

Professional workers of nowadays, need to be connected to the information flow of the company's communications systems so they can work quicker and they can anticipate their moves to the moves of other rival companies. To be agile is really important to be successful nowadays. Tools like 4iKIM whose ubiquity allows us to be connected to the information of our company in any moment, are really important to make our employees being efficient. We have to understand that the reality that our employees are facing today is a digital and multi platform reality, this fact is solved by 4iKIM, because it can be integrated with any kind of platform. This make our employees work easier and they can be always connected to the company's information flow.

New technological realities like cloud computing, are making possible that collaboration tools and different mobility technologies allows us to make our job in a very effective way. This new reality in wich the employees of our company can take advantage of the mobility concept mixed with high levels of effectiveness suppose a big deal for companies, and they must be prepared for that. Companies must be compact elements where interdepartamental collaboration is something natural and usual, to make this come true, 4iKIM makes possible a natural management of information avoiding process like redundancies or multiple copies making possible a more natural workflow.

To take advantage of this big change, we need the appropriate tools to make it possible. 4iKIM is a solution born to help companies to optimize their workflows and improve their performance, to make it possible, 4iKIM integrates the informations sources more commonly used in companies like e-mail, social networks, calendars or sharing information between others, with this integration the management of the information flows of companies can be more efficient.

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