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viernes, 26 de octubre de 2012

Optimizing the management and organization of the activities of the company

One of the biggest problems for a lot of companies is to make available for all their employees certain information in a fast way without losing a big amount of time doing this task. Set up a meeting, establish a date or talk about the meeting's theme, usually become a large amount of conversations through e-mail that are a waste of time.

We have to keep in mind that this kind of practices in organizations make our employee's productivity decrease,  their time is consumed by tasks that should not be so important for them, we have to find de adequate solutions, this solutions should allow us to get away from heavy routines and help to optimize time, this should make our employees more productive and due to this our company can be more profitable.

With 4iKIM we can manage the set up of meetings or activities in a collaborative and easy way, managing all the information that integrates this meeting and sharing it with all the members of the company that should know the generated information.

As an example of what 4iKIM is able to do to improve collaboration and productivity of our workers, we can appreciate how a meeting can be organized in just 40 seconds. Just simply fill the key fields like day, duration, subject, place and after that send it to all the participants. All the people who is going to the meeting will receive the information in his inbox, and the meeting will appear automatically in their personal agenda. Any new element that has relevant importance for the meeting like documents, chat conversations of issues that are going to be discussed, or any kind of information, can be related with the meeting, doing this, any participant will have access to the new information.

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