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viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Relationships, one of the key concepts of 4iKIM

Relationships are one of the main key concepts of 4iKIM. Everyday we are dealing with high volumes of data, and it has no relevance by its own.

Received information is made by different elements, people, employees of our company, clients or suppliers, different types of documents, e-mails, conversations, geolocalized elements, meeting dates... All this elements make our day by day.

4iKIM is a web tool that makes easier the management of big volumes of information and its relationships, both with other files and with people that are part of this information. This process is the information management process, and it allows our entire company to get access, share and use all the information available for us, this is a knowledge flow that goes over our company through all the different departments and all levels, thanks to this process, collaboration is promoted.

As a sample of what we have explained, we can see an example about how simple is to manage information and build relationships that make knowledge. This time we are going to see how we can receive an e-mail in our unified mailbox, reply it and relate it with any element like for example, meetings, projects or people. Making this, we are allowing any people who has access to a concrete project or meeting, to access to the relevant information that is related to that project or meeting.

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