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lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

The importance of cost reduction

Companies have radically changed the way they act, nowadays, one of the main objectives while developing the productive process and work process is the cost reduction. Resources are being optimized as much as they can, to try to improve the efficiency in the productive process so this can make possible a significant cost reduction to make companies more competitive in this difficult economical moment that we are facing nowadays.

Many companies are looking to improve their computing resources. It's really common to see companies that are using different tools to make similar tasks in different departments, this represents an extra cost to the company and this can be easily solved. In this case, a platform like 4iKIM is the perfect solution to increase the productivity because it allows us to gain more functionalities and improve the information flow using just a unique platform.

4iKIM is a very powerful platform helping companies to save extra costs, it's mission is to improve and unify the management of the information and allow the users of this tool comunicate each other. 4iKIM avoids problems like storing the same file by different users, this is really common in companies that use multiple tools that generate "silos" of information that are not connected with anything. This reduces the requirements of investment in hardware and the management difficulties so the cost reduction is really significant.

4iKIM allows our employees to use the "unique inbox". This functionality makes possible that in your 4iKIM inboxes, you can receive any kind of elements you can imagine, you can receive an e-mail, a new task or a file, and there is only one file of this element and the attached files. 4iKIM also avoids the problem of making copies of documents and files to share with others, this reduces the storage capacity that we need. Elements inside 4iKIM are unique, this concept is the oposite of the commonly practice of storing e-mails with attached files or the folder classification that requires additional storage capacity.

If companies want to have a great future, they should think on how they can make a significant cost reduction. Making a more efficient management of the company's resources is something that they should begin to do to try to be more competitive in markets that are more and more global and internationalized.

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