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martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Working in a collaborative way

Document management process is one of the tasks that takes longer to the employees of any company, is for this reason that is essential to try to optimize this kind of process to give more time to our employees to do other important tasks for our company and become more efficient.

The processes of document interchange and creation can be slow down inside the companies due to various reasons, a few of them are:

- Multiple work environments that are incompatible between them.
- Computer programs that generate files and can not be edited in other computer programs due to unsupported   format.
- Generation of multiple copies of a same document,  developing user confusion.
- Difficulties to share and collaborate with documents.

Is important to keep in mind that this kind of problems slow down the workflow of the company avoiding them to enrich their data by generating documents that can not be connected between them, neither be associated to different elements or events that occur in the company.

4iKIM offers a solution to all these problems, offering a unique work environment. Through it every kind of files can be managed and connected between them in an easy way.

Files that integrates 4iKIM can be created directly through the tool or be received in the unified inbox, from outside 4iKIM users, and we can also manage documents of any type. We can put in common, in an easy and intuitive way these documents to different people, conversations, meetings or places, so we can generate a total connection between the document and the situations or events that are associated to it and allow an immediate collaboration.

This new reality provides companies a more agile and easier workflow that will enhance the knowledge base of the company, because its documentary network has all its elements connected, at the same time our employees will be able to collaborate in an easier, comfortable and effective way.

In the next video, you can check how relationships and collaborations are promoted through 4iKIM. When an employee receives a document through his e-mail, that message can be managed, and relationships can be created with other members of the organization and with other elements. In this case, the file received is linked to the Eclipse Project and from that moment on it will be also attached to a collaboration environment with other elements and users that are linked to it, they will be able to do this thanks to their previous contributions. A user that access the Eclipse Project, will be able to manage different elements that are linked to this project like e-mails, chat conversations, documentation of the project...

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