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martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

Increasing productivity being more organized

One of the main reasons why productivity begins to decrease in the employees of any company is due to the lack of organization, this can happen for several reasons, sometimes we don't have the adequate tools, this tools can be obsolete or they can be really complex, sometimes they generate duplicated documents that are increasing the volume of information that we are going to work with and they can also generate an important lack of time because we must organize by hand this archives...

We must keep in mind that is really important to have a really well organized agenda, without it we can't be effective and highly productive. The tasks that we commonly do can have different nature, e-mail messages, client calls, documents that need to be sent and inspected by others, tasks assignments, get out our office to go to a meeting with a client, events, conferences... This kind of tasks are putting together dates, places, people and documentation, this are different elements that must be related if we want to do our tasks successfully.

The big amount of different tasks that an organization has to deal with day by day requires a great information management tool, first of all, it has to organize by date all the events, tasks and activities, and it must be able to establish relations between all the elements that are part of the company.

The problem that usually happens with the traditional information management tools, is that we need more than one of this tools to organize different types of activities. With 4iKIM you can optimize the costs of using multiple tools and the time used on working with all of them, from one unique web platform, you will be able to organize your calendar, create all the elements you need to organize your day, establish communications and receive them, geocode elements and promote information feedback establishing relations between all the elements.

In the next video you can see how you can easily create a task, establish a date, time and send it to the employee responsible of its execution. It's really simply to assign different elements to a task in 4iKIM.

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