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viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

Taking care of the usability

Usability is now one of the main elements while developing any kind of software, usability is the feature that allows us to easily use any tool that we need. Talking about document management, usability is a concept closely linked to productivity, if we have a simple and powerful platform, the users of this platform can increase their performance by avoiding complex tasks that need a lot of time to be done and require a previous learning to it's usage.

We usually think that complex platforms that can do a high level of operations and usability, are the best in the market, this has not to be true, an example that this has not to be true is that tools with an easy user interface like 4iKIM can be as powerful as the platforms we mentioned before.

4iKIM is a Web based software with great usability and really intuitive that can be used by big corporations, where 4iKIM can be used to manage big amounts of data and generate knowledge with it, and it can be used by small business that can use it as a powerful management tool that can be used also in mobility, this makes the small business more flexible, this is really important for them.

As an example of what we are talking about, we want to let you know how easy is the usage of 4iKIM, in the next video you can see the steps to follow to send a document to other user in an easy way. We simply create the document, next we link it to the user we want to send it and it's done, the receiver will receive the document in his unified inbox.

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